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Since Ktech Engineering was founded in 1996, Ktech has provided support for numerous companies and projects. A number of them are listed below:

  • J.C. Carter - 35 HP, 400 Hz Motor and Controller Design for aerial refueling. Prototypes completed and functional. Reliability Analysis of Controller also completed. Motor was qualified.
  • Lucas Western, Electro systems Division - Cargo Winch Controller (3 phase, digital Brushless DC 10 HP). Test instrumentation for the controller and pendant were designed and fabricated. Reliability Analysis of Controller also completed.
  • Lucas Western, Electro systems Division - Design and Fabrication of 767-777 Relay Test Box and Test Fixture.
  • Rosa Automation - Design and prototype fabrication of 7.5 KW DC-DC Converter (24 VDC to 300 VDC). 24 VDC, 350 Amp input. Built and delivered to customer for installation on a "super-yacht" in the South Pacific.
  • Allied Signal Corp. - Support on numerous proposals, including the RAH-66 Helicopter Fan Drive System.
  • CardioVascular Dynamics, Inc. - Reliability Analysis of Smart Needle product
  • AeroUnion Corporation - Design, Development and Construction of 2 HP, Brushless Motor Drives for use in Cargo Handling Equipment. Hardware qualified on 747.
  • SCFM Corporation - 10 HP, 50 Hz inverter drive. Unit was qualified.
  • Argo-Tech Corporation - F22 Boost and Transfer Pump Electric Drives. Both units qualified and to date 220 Boost Pump Assemblies and 110 Transfer Pump Assemblies have been shipped.
  • Hydro-Aire Corporation - Reliability Analysis and Circuit Design of GFI Equipment. Development of integrated fuel pressure/temperature sensor for hazardous environments. Patent Awarded.
  • J.C. Carter - Design and development, and fabrication of a refuel/defuel panel for the Ayres LM200 aircraft.
  • J.C. Carter - Reliability and FTA for the MA4 coupling
  • Seymour Electric Motor Corp. - Design and development of a high performance induction motor drive for a golf cart.
  • Asian-Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies (APFCT) - Design and prototype fabrication of an "in the hub" brushless DC motor for an electric fuel-cell powered scooter.
  • EverRide Bicycle Lights - Design and Development of high performance generator/LED based lighting system for bicycles. Patent Awarded.
  • Goodrich Aerospace Corp. - Design, manufacture and testing of electronics control systems and motor drives for cargo handling. Design and fabrication of test stands.
  • Skurka Aerospace - Hall Sensor Assembly for the F22 Boost Pump motor. Design, developed, and 700+ units delivered.
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