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connector Manufacturing Capabilities
Ktech Engineering has current capability for low to moderate volume assembly/fabrication, and testing (10-300 pcs/month). Higher volume assembly can be accommodated by utilizing additional facilities as needed. Ktech Engineering's flexibility and multidisciplinary expertise is ideal for taking a concept and developing/troubleshooting a prototype in preparation for production.
  • Specializing in complex electrical-mechanical assemblies that require value-added testing and environmental cycling.
  • Cable and harness production, motor winding and rotor assembly (including vacuum impregnation), and electro-mechanical assembly (from small to large assemblies)
  • IPC-610, Mil Standard or NASA certified solderers in the assembly area
  • Teaming arrangement with MEC, Pride Industries, and Circuit Solutions for PC board fabrication and reflow soldering of high volume assemblies.
  • Assembly area with proper ESD protection for all circuit assembly functions through surface mount components.
  • Our Concept To Production abilities are supported by engineering software including 3D solid modeling and circuit simulation software, as well as software to allow digital design and coding. Development software for DSP motion control is also available in-house. Software such as M2M and Parts&Vendors is used to support the manufacturing process.

    Key Lab and Production Equipment
  • 4 cu. ft programmable thermal chamber - Blue M --70 to 200 degree C. range, nitrogen boost
  • 250 HP water brake dynamometer with dedicated data acquisition system
  • 5 HP motor dynamometer - DSP control
  • 1.5 HP motor dynamometer - Analog closed loop control
  • Tektronix 4 channel digital oscilloscope 400 Mhz
  • Tektronix 2 channel isolated digital oscilloscope - 100 Mhz
  • IOTech data acquisition system - 200 Khz capability, 16 thermal channels, 16 analog inputs, 8 high voltage isolated inputs, and digital outputs... with DasyLab software.
  • Numerous power supplies - to 600 VDC and current capacity to 200 Amps
  • Eubanks 4900 wire cutting/stripping station
  • Omegasonics, ultrasonic cleaning station
  • Sigma Systems thermal chamber (M18)
  • Plato solder pot stations
  • Various bench top equipment - milliohm meters, dielectric testers, DMM's, temperature meters
  • Custom test equipment designed and built to meet customers needs.

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